Enhancing the Effectiveness of a Board of Directors

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Lecture Description

Dell describes what he looks for his board of directors to do in a business that changes rapidly. He requires each director to select and learn as much as possible about an area of Dell, Inc. During board meetings, the directors report what they have learned. This method, Dell notes, is much more effective in increasing the knowledge of the board and understanding the business of the company. To ensure that the company gets a board of experienced leaders, Dell uses a well-established company process to evaluate their development capacity.  


  1. The Origins of Dell, Inc.
  2. The Culture and Dynamics of Dell, Inc. During the Early Years
  3. Take Caution in Forming Close Friendships in a Company
  4. Setting up the Initial Board of Directors for Dell, Inc.
  5. Enhancing the Effectiveness of a Board of Directors
  6. Overcoming Some of the Early Mistakes of Dell, Inc.
  7. The Reasons Behind Dell, Inc. Going Public
  8. Critical Changes to the Business Model of Dell, Inc.
  9. Self-Disruption at Dell, Inc.
  10. Starting a New Company in an Inefficient Industry
  11. Implementing Processes in a Fast-Growing Company
  12. Creating an Effective Communication Infrastructure
  13. The Flawed Model of the Early Computer Industry
  14. Revolutionizing the PC and IT Industry
  15. Innovation at Dell, Inc.
  16. Finding a Common Language for Improvement inside a Company
  17. Current Threats to the PC Industry

Lecture Details

Source:  Stanford eCorner
Filmed: Spring 2007




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