Generic Operators II

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Course Description

Introduction to programming and computer science. This course exposes students to techniques of abstraction at several levels: (a) within a programming language, using higher-order functions, manifest types, data-directed programming, and message-passing; (b) between programming languages, using functional and rule-based languages as examples. It also relates these techniques to the practical problems of implementation of languages and algorithms on a von Neumann machine. There are several significant programming projects, programmed in a dialect of the LISP language.


  1. Functional Programming I
  2. Functional Programming II
  3. Higher-Order Procedures I
  4. Higher-Order Procedures II
  5. Orders Of Growth
  6. Recursion And Iteration
  7. User Interface I (Alan Kay)
  8. User Interface II (Alan Kay)
  9. Data Abstraction
  10. Sequences
  11. Example - Calculator
  12. Hierarchical Data I
  13. Hierarchical Data II
  14. Scheme-1 Interpreter
  15. Generic Operators I
  16. Generic Operators II
  17. Object-Oriented Programming I
  18. Object-Oriented Programming II
  19. Object-Oriented Programming III
  20. Assignment And State
  21. Environments I
  22. Environments II
  23. Mutable Data I
  24. Mutable Data II
  25. Vectors
  26. Client-Server Programming
  27. Concurrency I
  28. Concurrency II
  29. Streams I
  30. Streams II
  31. Mapreduce I
  32. Metacircular Evaluator, Logo I
  33. Metacircular Evaluator, Logo II
  34. Mapreduce II
  35. Analyzing Evaluator
  36. Therac-25
  37. Lazy Evaluator
  38. Nondeterministic Evaluator I
  39. Nondeterministic Evaluator II
  40. Logic Programming I
  41. Logic Programming II
  42. Shell Programming
  43. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Review I
  44. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Review II

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